Saturday, September 26, 2009

PyCon India 2009 - Day 1

I came all the way without staying at my home town even skipping Dusshera celebrations to attend PyCon.
So you can understand how excited I was.
The day before the event..
I went thro' the list of presentations and wanted to be ready with all the software incase I suddenly feel like coding sometime during the event.
So I got the py3.1( since some talks needed py3.x ) source and went to sleep early since I didnt want to miss the keynote which was the first talk the next day.

The day of event ( Today )
I was expecting BOF tents ( even brought my laptop with charger and spike !!! along ) and stalls as was the case for FOSS.IN 2008 but didnt find any.
My first opinion about the organization was, it is good ( looking at the registration and stuff ).

The first presentation was the keynote, 'My Adventures with Python' by Prabhu Ramachandran.
I have already seen a video of the talk he gave at scipy conference and felt he is simply too excellent at giving presentations. His voice, body language, presentation slides evetything are simply awesome.

He talked about his relationship with python and the areas of using python( almost everywhere ).
Then he talked about 3d simulations in python and how Mayavi came into existence.
The presentation in overall was so nice that every other talk after that seemed dull.

Then there were many talks that ran in parallel and here is an overview of the talks I attended.

After the keynote, I attended the talk on network security tools using python.
This one discussed briefly about pypcap,dpkt and scapy.
I wasnt much interested in the first place and even the talk wasnt so gr8.

The next talk I attended was on algorithms in python and it was about the merge sort, bubble sort and stuff.

Then the next talk was about Design Patterns in python which I was really looking forward to.
The content of the talk was a little advanced and required much more detailed explanation and cleaner examples. But the presentation wasnt so gr8 but I got links to a few resources that are useful to get a better knowledge of design patterns.

The next talk was on Idiomatic Python.
Though I have already read about Idioms in python, I attended the talk.
The guy who gave the talk was some college student in his final year.
The presentation was excellent. He precisely knew what he was talking about.

The last talk was on Django.
There were some three guys giving the talk and even this one was awesome.
I got few doubts on Django cleared and decided to develop applications using django.

The day 1 went on pretty well.
Now looking at the schedule for day 2, I dont see any interesting talks,
There were a few proposed talks on python for mobile app development and stuff.
Dunno why they have been cancelled.

The PyCon India 2009 conference is good.
The talks were also decent enough considering this is the first PyCon in india.

Looking forward to many more talks and a much more better PyCon in 2010.

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