Saturday, August 22, 2009

When I first saw python

I wrote the "Hello World" program in perl and showed it to voodoo. He showed similar hello world program in python. I already heard of python once from punch. But I was happy with perl at that time and so didnt bother much about it. The next day at office was not the way I expected. Things were not moving as fast as expected with my perl and so my firend and colleague asim( who was a pythonista by then ) suggested python.

I thought "another language!!!". asim suggested me "A Byte of Python" by "Swaroop Kumar C H". As I started reading, "The interpreter is nice" and then "hey the variables are friendly" and after a while, "this language is awesome". But I wasn't comfortable with the indentation. Now after telling a few people about this feature, I understand why I felt that way. Now after using python for more than a year, I understand how useful this feature is for maintaining code.

And that was how python became my favourite language.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My first programming language

I was doing my ps2 at TSae,Bangalore. It was my 5th day. My project manager Sateesh gave me a brief introduction about the project and assigned my job. He was a gr8 man wid lots of patience. I told him I am totally new to software development and all i know is doing some basic math in C. He suggested me to learn Perl first and then he would guide me accordingly.

I started with the book "Teach yourself perl 5 in 21 days". As I went through, I thought "These variables are gr8, they can store strings, numbers, anything ( except for $ sign before every variable )" and then "these RegEx are fun ( If exceptions are taken care )" and

Recently when I was learning perl properly for regular use, I came across this in some book that describes perl in one line. It said "Perl is all about thinking like Larry". Larry is the creator of perl.

Usually perl code is very small and a lil cryptic, it can be fun for programmers and nightmare for debuggers.

Finally the language is awesome ( except for exceptions ) :P .

Thanks buddies

Thanks a lot punch and nine for your brilliant idea LaThCoRe.

If not for lathcore, I would have totally forgotten that I had a blog and was suppose to update it.
Anyways the moment I heard about this project, I had hell a lot of ideas to brag about.
I could not sort them out( actually lazy ) and so din bother much.

today after chatting with punch, I've decided to blog something and then it struck to me that sometime back I wanted to create a blog about python. Here's my chance and hence this blog.