Saturday, August 22, 2009

When I first saw python

I wrote the "Hello World" program in perl and showed it to voodoo. He showed similar hello world program in python. I already heard of python once from punch. But I was happy with perl at that time and so didnt bother much about it. The next day at office was not the way I expected. Things were not moving as fast as expected with my perl and so my firend and colleague asim( who was a pythonista by then ) suggested python.

I thought "another language!!!". asim suggested me "A Byte of Python" by "Swaroop Kumar C H". As I started reading, "The interpreter is nice" and then "hey the variables are friendly" and after a while, "this language is awesome". But I wasn't comfortable with the indentation. Now after telling a few people about this feature, I understand why I felt that way. Now after using python for more than a year, I understand how useful this feature is for maintaining code.

And that was how python became my favourite language.

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